We are a small congregation based in Ness, the most northerly district in the Isle of Lewis. Part of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) our church building and manse are located in the village of North Dell.

We meet for worship every Lord’s Day at 12 noon and 6pm, as well as 7:30pm every Wednesday. We hold a Monthly Prayer Meeting at the same time on the first Monday of each month. Sunday School meets during term time at 5:40pm. All Sunday services are broadcast live through our YouTube channel. 

We use the inspired Psalms of David as our praise book, with the singing being led by a precentor.  Most services include both Gaelic and English singing, with the prayers and preaching being in English.

The minister, Rev Greg MacDonald, was inducted to the congregation in 2004 and this is his only charge.

Our services emphasise the full and free Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, his kindness to sinners, and the necessity of being born again. We welcome visitors and look forward to meeting with you, if you are ever in our district.

For more information please contact 01851 810 03.7

The church and manse stand on the same site, the address being

The Manse

North Dell


Isle of Lewis