Congregational Outing to the Westside

This year (June) we headed for the westside, intending to spend the day at Dalmore beach. However our ever-assertive Hebridean mist meant we soon had to opt for plan B at the new Shawbost school, where an excellent time was enjoyed by all.



Congregational Meal

In late September, we enjoyed our annual congregational meal and barbecue. 

Many thanks to all who joined in, young and old!

Reformation Anniversary Meeting

Our presbytery have arranged a meeting to mark the 500th anniversay of the Reformation. 

The speaker will be Rev AJ Macleod, Knock and Point, and his title is:

 ‘Luther for Today: Lessons from the Protestant Reformation’ 
The meeting is in the Stornoway Free Church (Continuing) building, on Sandwick Rd in Stornoway at 7.30pm. All are most welcome.