Communion Ministers Update

Sadly Rev. JW Keddie is no longer able to attend our Communion Season, due to ill health.

We are most thankful to the Lord that Rev. Maurice Roberts has agreed to stand in for Mr Keddie.

Please remember Mr Keddie and his family in prayer, that the Lord would guide the medical staff as they give him treatment, and also for Mr Roberts that he might be upheld as he prepares at such short notice.

UK Parliament upcoming issues

Next week there are due to be votes on two important issues in the UK Parliament at Westminster.


On Monday 23rd February the House of Commons is due to vote on the issue of sex-selective abortion in the context of the Serious Crime Bill. While Conservative MP Fiona Bruce’s amendment does not deal with the issue of abortion itself it would explicitly outlaw the granting of an abortion solely for the reason of an unborn child’s sex – a practice which, despite having no justification in the currentt law on abortion, appears to have been engaged in by some doctors. Over 100 MPs have already committed themselves to support the amendment.

God willing the PQRM Committee will be e-mailing all MPs on this issue. We encourage others to send their own e-mails, particularly to their own MP. Useful guidance on the issue and how to send an e-mail is provided on the ‘Stop Gendercide’ website here. Please pray that this amendment will be successful and that it will be a step on the way to ending the scourge of abortion altogether.


On Tuesday 24th February the House of Lords is due to debate and vote on the issue of so-called ‘three-parent babies’ in the context of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Mitochondrial Donation) Regulations. These Regulations were passed by the House of Commons on 3rd February by the large majority of 382 to 128. Significant moral and scientific concerns have been raised regarding the implications of approving these Regulations, including the following: the difficulty which children produced by the new techniques may have in coping with the fact that they have multiple parents; the destruction of human embryos which is inherent in the procedures; the alteration of the germ line for the descendants of such children for all time to come; and the slippery slope of ‘eugenics’ which will be embarked upon.

The PQRM Committee intend to e-mail all Peers on this matter. We encourage others to e-mail Peers and helpful information on this complex issue and how to e-mail a Peer about it is provided on the ‘Stop GM 3 Parent Babies’ website here. Again please pray that the Lord will influence the Peers and bring home to them the solemnity of this subject, so that they will speak and vote against the Regulations.

Please feel free to circulate this e-mail and to get in touch if you require any further information.

David Blunt
(Convener, PQRM Committee)