Deacons’ Court Statement

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

Cross Congregation

Thursday 19th March 2020

Dear friends

In response to the recent pandemic of Covid-19, the Deacons’ Court of Cross FCC wish to make the following statement to the congregation:

• Services will continue at the stated times, both for mid-week meetings and Lord’s Day services.

• With the schools now closed, Sabbath School will also be suspended during this period.

• The mid-week Prayer Meetings will be relocated into the main church from the hall.

• Congregants are encouraged to follow the advice of the Scottish Government, especially in relation to vulnerable groups, such as over 70s and those with underlying health conditions.

• Those able to attend services are encouraged to make use of the ample space in the church building to minimise the risk of infections.

• Those unable to attend services are encouraged to make use of the live-streaming of public worship available through our congregational YouTube channel. It is further hoped to be able to stream mid-week meetings as well as Lord’s Day services.

• The Deacons’ Court wish to assure any who feel it is wisest to limit their contact at this time that such a decision is not considered any breach of the commandments, but rather a careful, even costly, keeping of the sixth commandment, to seek to preserve life, both our own and that of our neighbour.

• The Deacons’ Court also wish to encourage all our people to maintain regular contact with one another by telephone and other means not requiring close physical contact. The minister will likewise seek to contact by phone all those of our congregation who are unable to join in public worship at this time.

Please note, that with a rapidly changing situation this advice may be updated frequently.

Every blessing

Rev Greg MacDonald

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